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summary: Lexi works at a diner call the Love Diner she meet ace then Lexi has feels for him.  one shot
❤️Lexi pov❤️
It's really hard work at the love Diner in Acmetropolis this is THE ONLY DINER some boys are all really taken. I just sighed I'm 17 and in high school and I was in my cheerleaders outfit

I should have a boyfriend by now my sister

Bella has one I don't like him at all
It was raining a couple of guys came in the diner
Teach, Rev, Slam and Duck where stand their. All wet I tried not to laugh but. I could not hold it in I just let out a laugh. "Ok you had your laugh" duck said as he shake him self off 💕sorry💕
Bella walked out of the kitchen
"Oh great more customers"
"I will take it from here sis" I said
"That's good I was going to let you "do it any way Bella" said laughing. And walking back in to the kitchen. I really hate her.
"Ok what can I get you guys". I said
The rain was poring hard
"Umm I will have a salad" teach said
"I will just take soup" duck said
"And slam here will have a "hamburger right slam" I said
He shake his head yes
"I know it" I said with a smile
As I was writing my friends orders on my note pad .
Some one came in the diner he was a bunny like me but yellow he was cute ❤️💕.
He was whereing a coat and tie. All my friends where starring at me.
MY heart went pit-pat pit-pat❤️💕
"Umm welcome to the love..... Diner" it was hard to talk to him the words got stuck in my throat.
He walked to bar side and sat down
I walked up to him "umm can I get you anything"? I said while blushing
🐰Ace Pov🐰
"One carrot soup" please cutie pie💕💞.
"Ok one carrot soup coming up"she said
As she wrote on a note pad

I just smiled at her
Then she walked into the kitchen
"Man why is my heartbeat so fast in "my chest I thought in my head"
"Do I have a crush on the waitress" girl"? my heart is going pit-pat pit-pat ❤️like crazy.
"Here's your carrot soup"she said
"Hey Lexi here's the tip thanks for" "the meal the green" Coyote said
"Your cooking is good" he said
She blushed
"Thanks tech" she said
Then they walked out it was still raining outside
"So your name is Lexi?" I said
"Yes" she said back
"Cute name" I said
"Umm thank you blushing"she said
"Awww that's cute your blushing" I said
Lexi pov
I blushed more. He just laughed
"My name is ace" he said
"My name is Lexi nice to meet you"
We both sake hands
"Umm so how old are you"? I said
"I'm 18" he said
I bit my lip
"Umm I'm 17"
"Wow you're 17?!you look older" he said
"Well umm thanks I'm really" 17 I said
Ace gave me a benevolent smile
I blush one more time
I just let him eat his soup
And walked back into the kitchen
But he grab my arm. I blushed red
"Umm don't leave me alone please"he said
"I could really use the company" "right now" he said
Ace Pov
I just smlie. They was an awarded silence between us I took off my hat so she could see my floppy bunny ears then she smile I just blush red because she has a cute smile. "I really want to kiss her but what if she is taken"? I thought in my mind.
"So what school do you go to" I said
Acmetropolis University I said
Oh I got their to
"So you single or taken?" I said
"I'm single" she said
I started stoked her hair
She blush
And I touch her cheek
"I love you Lexi"I said
In my mind "did I "just say that"
MY heart went pit-pat pit-pat❤️
And you look really cute in that cheerleaders outfit💓 I said
"Umm thanks ace" she said
Lexis POV
I love you too ace I said happily
And I kissed him on the cheek
He kissed me back.
"Do you want to be my boyfriend?" I asked
"Yes" he said
"Do you want to be my girlfriend"? He asked
Yes I said
Here's my number he hand me his cell phone on a piece of paper
I took it
And put it in my cell phone and hand it back to him
"Thanks" he said
Then he continue eating his soup
I kissed him on the cheek
He blushed
We kissed more than we both stopped
Bella walked out of the kitchen
"Come on Lexi we need to go home" Bella said
Oh ace you need to leave the diner it's closing now it's 9:00pm
Umm here's your tip
Ace gave me 100$
I just hugged him and kiss him on cheek
He smiled
And I turned off the lights
"Hey Lexi hurry up Bella"said
"In a minute im talking to my" boyfriend"
She sighs and wait in the car
It was still raining
"So I guess I will see at school or around I guess I said"
"Maybe you have my number so you" "can call me if you're lonely" he said
"Well good bye ace I said it was nice"------------ than he cut me off with a kiss on the lips
I kissed back
The rain stop and a shooting star zoomed across the night time sky
the loonatics are owned by Warner Bros. Animation and Created by
Adam Trevor Grant
Joseph Louis Grant


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