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Yusei maybe  mean in the beginning  of course he is the master of house but he will have a   soft spot for  the kind maiden

Yusei pov

It had  been 9:00am in the mansion  it was quite.

"Their  late I thought in my  head   There all ways late".

I slowly walked upstairs  to one of the guest room. And opened the door a cold  wind came  from the door.

"Get up you lazy  ass" I said  "there's  work to be done ".

He got up with sleep eyes and said "but master  "we worked all day yesterday"!

"Don't Talk back to me"! I said  

"Come on get up or I will switch you"! I said

He got up  and walked to the sink to brush his teeth  and smile a fake smile. (I could not tell if (it  was fake or not)

"Good morning  master" he said  

Good morning Crow I said  

(He pull out a list and hand it to him)

Theses are all the  chores that need to be done by the afternoon.

.Clean the gold fish bowl

. Clean the bathroom

.Clean the dishes

Clean the kitchen a little

Feed the animals out back

Clean the chandelier

Then eat breakfast

Then go to the store to get food

Crow Pov

"Can't I eat first"? crow said "I will have no "energy to do all of it"

"You should have thought about at 8:00am"!
I said "please"  he said    "Fine" I said  

"we have leftovers in the fridge" I said

"Thank you master" I opened the fridge

There's where leftover  chicken bones and  an half eaten sandwich Jack must have  lost his sandwich  well I found it!

I closed the fridge  in two days It will be christmas  I wish the master was more nicer this year and stop being a dick!

Jack pov

I was sleeping in the game room I  heard footsteps coming I tried to ignore them I know it was the master!  "What do you want?" As I opened one eye.

"I need you to swept  the  chimney top" he said

"But it's to cold" I pulled the covers to hide my face also the covers where  to warm  to get up out of the sofa.

"I'm sure you'll will be fine" he said

(Then he walked away)

I just sighed  and   sat for a little while  and thought why was the master mean to us?

But kind of nice to the other girls?

I just sighed and got up to do   chimney top"

But little did the master  know  his heart grow smaller  we all know that Crow and Jack wanted there wish. But what about a  red hair girl and her blonde  sister?

Akiza pov

The master walked into  me and my sister  Sherry room, roomer has it he was mean to the others. I think that he had never been in loved in his life.  Just like that story I read when I was little Beauty and the Beast.

I was reading a book just then I heard a nock on the door. I got the door 

"Hi master" then I curtsy so did my sister

like Jack said  when  the master  saw Akiza his mood change and  heart grow three sizes.

"In two days it will be Christmas" I said

He sighed and sat next to me on the bed

please  be nice to Crow and Jack & Sherry and me?

"Fine  I will it for you" he said

(He kissed me on the forehead)

I blushed a little  he smiled at me

Then walked out the door

"Do you like the master"? Sherry said

"What no"! I said   "That blush is not telling me that" she giggled I trow a pillow at her.

"Master and Akiza sitting in a tree kissing" she sang  I trow my second pillow at her "shut up"

And help me feed the homeless  and

I got up and put my maiden dress on

Sherry was brushing her teeth

I walked outside of the mansion

I saw an old man  with an a cane  looking sad

"Umm excuse me but are you hungry"?  

I told him "a little"he said

I got an apple out of my pocket  and give it to him "here "I said  I hand him the apple.

"But don't you want to save it for later"? He said

"No thanks" "I don't eat apples as much as I "used to here take it you need it more than" me". I said

"Thank you your kind girl and Merry "Christmas"

"Merry Christmas to you too" I said

we both wave goodbye to each other.

And I continue walked into the snow then Sherry follow me behind.  

A few a hours of  walking we where at the homeless shelter  give soups to people.

Yusei pov

The snow  was coming down slowly  I was just writing in my diary about a pretty little red head. I  soon fall asleep  just then I heard a nock at the door "dinner will be ready soon"  crow said "me and Jack made it".

I got up  and got the door "crow you know "you're cooking is not  good".  

"Christmas is to tomorrow master"! what cause you To be so mean to us? But only be nice to two  girls? He said crow then slapped me and ran away down the hall.

I walked down the hall to Sharry and Akiza room. I knocked on the door

"Akiza and Sharry would you two come to" "dinner with me"?

Akiza behind the door: no

Yusei: why not?

Akiza: you not been nice to crow and Jack

Yusei: fine Then go ahead and STARVED!

Yusei walking away "if  she doesn't eat with me" "then she's not eating at all" I said in my head.

Akiza crying "why won't he understand the true "meaning of Christmas shrry"?

"He will tomorrow" she said 

Yusei was in bed having a nightmare 

"you better change your attitude the monster" said to "him or you won't have an friends left" he said

yusei opened his eyes he was sweating  in his king sized bed. He put his robe on and walking down the hall and nocked on the door of crow and Jack they both opened the door.

"I'm so sorry for not being nice to you two" I said

"has  mean old scrooge finally learned the true" "meaning of Christmas?" crow said

Yup kindness and a good heart  now let's. Get dinner and breakfast and lunch together

Me and crow and Jack made all the food

The  sun came up  and I was tired

I  walked upstairs and kock on akiza and Sherry room.  

"Marry Christmas" I told her she hugged me and so did Sherry  

"umm master I have something to give you"? Akiza said

"Can you kept my heart?" she said

"Yeah" I said

They both kisses

And dance all night

Yusei  had finally know the true meaning of Christmas don't let your sickness or demons hold you down.

The end.
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Going to post a faithshiping one~shot I wrote a few days ago


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